Can you walk during the run portion of a triathlon?

TN asked:

I want to get into triathlons (I trained a lot for them in my teens) but due to an extensive hip injury, I can no longer run. I am still as active as possible and have walked in 5ks since my injury. I can also swim and bike so my question is, if I do the swim and bike okay, can I walk the run portion of the triathlon? Or is that usually against the rules? Thank for any help!

Also, as a sidebar to that question, I know that you can’t take the road bikes off-road (obviously) but can you ride a mountain bike in road triathlons? I know it makes the ride harder but is there actually a rule against it? Thanks so much!
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I am training for a triathlon but I am not getting any toner!

Lalala asked:

I’m swimming, biking and running all the time, but am not getting anymore toned or skinny! I understand I wouldn’t lose weight (muscle is replacing fat). I’m also not overeating due to the increased exercise….so, I’m stumped. Can someone help?

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What is the best way to get sponsored for a triathlon?

Jim B asked:

So I’ve been training for the past 5-6 months for a triathlon - my first ever. I’m extremely confident in my abilities right now, but with money being tight, I was wondering if it was possible to get sponsored for a triathlon, and also what is the best way to go about it. It would be best if I could get sponsored by someone who would benefit my triathlon (i.e. a rec center would provide me with a pool to train in), but honestly at this point I’ll take anything.

So basically I’m wondering the best way to present to someone a request for sponsorship, and also what are the best places to ask. Thanks.
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Can I finish an Ironman without truly training for the marathon portion?

the matt asked:

I’m a former collegiate runner who hasn’t been able to run for the past 5 years because of arthritis and very little cartilage left in my hips. I’ve turned to cycling as my exercise outlet and have become quite sufficient in that discipline along with being able to swim just fine as well. While I’ve run several marathons years ago I now only run (more like shuffle) 6 miles a week. I have been training for an Ironman without really devoting any time to the run because of the hip ailment as well as extremely tight lower back and sciatic problems. I even get numbing down my leg after just a few miles. I stop and stretch until it goes away and then hobble on.’s ludicrous to even attempt an Ironman in my condition but I want to do just one and then hang ‘em up and just cycle and do the occasional mini triathlon. So…any takers on whether I can even finish it? I’ll take any last minute advice on specific stretching that might help me get there as well. Fire away!
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How does one begin to train for a triathlon?

Islander asked:

I would love to accomplish something like that. I ran small races before but nothing big. I love to bike, swim, hike, run and lift weights. I live in New Jersey btw

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is there any one knows how to start traing for triathlon?

some one asked:

i want to start training for local triathlon races,and i need help for that!
if you have anything/anythink about that write me back!

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is two months enough time to prepare for a triathlon?

mil asked:

i’m 22, athletic build, with good physical strength and ok cardio strength. im looking into taking part in a triathlon thats in 2 months. will this be enough training time for my first triathlon? what kind of training regiment should i have?

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I am so not ready for an OLYMPIC distance Triathlon. Can anyone give me training advice?

dmartell1856 asked:

I signed up for the Memphis in May Triathlon May 18. I didn’t realize it is an Olympic distance race. I did a sprint distance last October, which is HALF as long, but I finished comfortably. But I slacked off (badly) on training during the winter. Now I have 6 weeks until my race and I JUST started training again. Have I waited too long? I’m trying to do two-a-days now i.e., Bike in the AM before work, swim in the PM afterwards. Should I continue to do that up to the week before the race, or will that be counter-productive? I know my body needs to rest before the race, but I gotta get it together! I’m not nearly as fit now as I was before my sprint distance last year…and now I gotta double the distance! Help!? Advice?! Suggestions!?

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Triathlon - How can I increase my average speed over the 40km?

Conners asked:


I completed my first olympic triathlon in August and I did the 40km cycle in 1hr 13 mins (approx 33km/hr). I want to put some hard work into my cycling and improve this average time.

Can anyone provide my with some 40km time trial/triathlon specific training workouts? Should I be doing interval training? Long rides? shorter/faster rides?

Not interested in buying a state of the art £4000 triathlon bike to gain an extra few km/hr - I just want to get fitter :)
please advise!


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How do you train for running in a triathlon with out wearing socks?

bales68 asked:

I can bike with out socks. However, when I run I get blisters on the plantar surface and cuts on my heels. I have had a running store shoe fit. I don’t have any problems when I wear socks.

In my first triathlon T1 2min 30 sec, T2 1 min 30 sec and I would like to reduce this time

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What is the best way to strengthen my core without aggravating my sciatica?

Stacy White asked:

I am training for triathlons and wish to do more core work. am interested in learning good exercises that do not aggravate my lower spine.

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How important is weight training for triathlons? ?

JEEP MAN asked:

How important is weight training for triathlons? Ive been reading the book ” trainingbible ” by joe friel, hes got some good workouts in different phases of the season. Im scared of an injury! I know weights are supposed to prevent injuries for the racing season but if you get hurt lifting whats the point? Need advice!

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What is best website or book to train for first IronMan Triathlon?

mruffy asked:

I have run 2 marathons and now I want to do my first IronMan Triathlon. What are the best books or websites to help with training schedules and swimming?

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