| I am so not ready for an OLYMPIC distance Triathlon. Can anyone give me training advice?

I am so not ready for an OLYMPIC distance Triathlon. Can anyone give me training advice?

dmartell1856 asked:

I signed up for the Memphis in May Triathlon May 18. I didn’t realize it is an Olympic distance race. I did a sprint distance last October, which is HALF as long, but I finished comfortably. But I slacked off (badly) on training during the winter. Now I have 6 weeks until my race and I JUST started training again. Have I waited too long? I’m trying to do two-a-days now i.e., Bike in the AM before work, swim in the PM afterwards. Should I continue to do that up to the week before the race, or will that be counter-productive? I know my body needs to rest before the race, but I gotta get it together! I’m not nearly as fit now as I was before my sprint distance last year…and now I gotta double the distance! Help!? Advice?! Suggestions!?

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3 Responses to “I am so not ready for an OLYMPIC distance Triathlon. Can anyone give me training advice?”

  1. swimbaby30 on June 10th, 2009 12:04 pm

    I’ve never swam a triathlon, but I am a competive swimmer! If you stop swimming for a while, your body won’t remember that feeling of water so you will feel awkward…I know from experience! As long as you keep going at it and stay positive, you’ll be great. If you really want help, contact someone who can help you get in shape and practice. I recomend lightening up your load a week before your race so that your body can relax a little!!! Just a little! Don’t stop swimming though! Good luck with the race! Make another question later to let people know how you did!

  2. rwd on June 13th, 2009 1:44 am

    Holy cow! Don’t panic! You’ll do fine.

    I suggest you back off a little — there’s no point in injuring yourself. Also, one rest day per week (e.g. Monday) is a good idea. If you simply must do something, do an easy swim.

    My program last summer was as follows:
    Monday - Rest or short swim
    Tuesday - Run
    Wednesday - Swim and bike
    Thursday - Run
    Friday - Swim and bike
    Saturday - Long run
    Sunday - Long bike

    This is a good, sustainable program. It even allows for occasionally visiting with family members! lol

    Oh, yeah — One more thing. Go ahead and sign up now for a triathlon in June/July, and another one in August/September. That should help you get out of your “train-like-mad-then-quit” pattern you have going so far.

  3. I want my ¬°OLD! mtv on June 15th, 2009 5:44 pm

    You might not be in for a great race but from what it sounds like you should be fine. You’ve finished comfortably in races before this upcoming one so just train well, don’t over-work your body and just establish a nice pace. Also get info on the swimming, running and cycling courses so that you’ll know what you’ll have to do and how to train and of course what to expect in the race.