| What are average times for a sprint triathlon?

What are average times for a sprint triathlon?

mary s asked:

I am training for a sprint triathlon. What are average times for a 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike and 3 mile run? Thanks

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One Response to “What are average times for a sprint triathlon?”

  1. rob on March 30th, 2009 8:21 pm

    On point the contributor before made on wearing socks - this is optional, agreed, but unless you are used to cycling or running without socks, or you have tough feet that don’t blister easily, or you have some tricks to make sure you don’t get blisters (vaseline in you shoes, etc), then wear socks. Make sure you have some talc in your socks and shoes, and this should make getting your wet feet into them easier - my transtion zone is like a snowfield when I come out of the swim - but - I never have blisters….choice is yours.
    Don’t worry about your time - pace yourself, just do the race, and analyse your times afterwards, and see where you can improve - I knockled 2m30sec of my first sprint time by doing the transisitions properly and pacing myself against times I know I can do.

    If you think you need to calculate what you might do in the race, add up your best times for the swim, bike, run as separate events, and add 2-3 minutes on for transistions, and you will have an optimal target time. The reason why I say optimal, is because you will probably be able to do a run on its own in a good time, but think of running that fast after doing a swim and then a bike - fair to say that the run will be slower after doing that before. And on the swim - my best swim times come mid way through a 1 hour swim session, but you rarely have luxury (of the stamina) to do a 30 min warm up before a tri swim, so factor that in as well - the bike will be about right compared to your optimal time (at least mine is, but I really got for it on the bike) - Also, the event you are doing propbably has a past results archive - so look at that.