| How does one begin to train for a triathlon?

How does one begin to train for a triathlon?

Islander asked:

I would love to accomplish something like that. I ran small races before but nothing big. I love to bike, swim, hike, run and lift weights. I live in New Jersey btw

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One Response to “How does one begin to train for a triathlon?”

  1. Enduranceninja on June 14th, 2009 10:48 am

    If you enjoy to swim bike and run already than you are pretty much prepared to try a triathlon. First find a sprint distance triathlon as a goal to do. Sprint distance is short and ideal for a beginner. Next find what your weakness is and work on it. Can you swim in open water with a bunch of other swimmers? Make sure you get out in open water and see how you do. Of course never go out in the open water alone. Look online too there are many triathlon communities with many eager people who would love to help you get into triathlons. Be warned triathlons are very addictive! Little things to check out is will the water be cold enough you might want a wetsuit. How is your bike? I would not worry about your bike as long as it works. You don’t want to cash out money on a sport you may or may not do again. Some of these triathlon communities also offer free training programs for beginners too. and if needed hit the library and see what books are out there to read. I first read about the sport before considering doing it.

    Good Luck